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-[ W e l c o m e ]-

Taylor | 16 | Jan. 17 | Phlegmatic/Sanguine | INFP/INTP

- ♡ -

Hey there! Welcome to my page!
I'm not sure if this is your first time here or not but allow me to give you a brief introduction of myself! First and foremost, my name- Taylor. I'm both a writer and an artist and though I have a lot of room for improvement, I hold both of these close to my heart. My goal in writing is to hopefully inspire some to be able to do what they love, just like how some people have done to me! I do hope you like my works!

Aside from writing and art, I do have other hobbies! Such as video games, sobbing over fictional boys, trying to sing along to anime openings despite the fact that I know little to no Japanese, and binge watching all the Studio Ghibli movies for days on end. Also, please do feel free to talk to me whenever! I really love conversing with people and making new friends! I may be a bit awkward at first but that's due to me being a somewhat shy and introverted person, but I love to talk to people, so shoot me a message! I swear I'm not scary or rude!
- ♡ -

-[ L i n k s ]-

Tumblr || Instagram || Scenery blog || Aot Imagines blog || Quotev || Anime blog || AO3

-[ F r i e n d s ]-

♥ The cool crew: ♥

Wives: Spandix | WhitetailedSwift
The Kuroo to my Bokuto: kiddopolis
The Rei to my Nagisa: Frenchiest-Fry
The Levi to my Eren: Sailor-Galaxy
Rad people: TheCobaltAssassin | p4u2 | indi-dere

Inspirations as well as friends:
unraveledtruth | Katsuhana | what-the-honk | postie-toastie Greystream | espressocakes | Misaki-Botchan | icyfalls Attackonfanfiction | hanabi-ko | ItsNotAPickupLine ShirayukiHaruka | CaptainKogami | sorrynotsorrycupcake TheNobodyofaSOLDIER | caesiius | sinahiel | KeiHoshi CelestialTrashPrince | HabbyRabbit | jungyungae | paintmepastelblue | ravingglory | m-mikasa | sodaselkie | bara-lord | nostalgic-galaxy | LadyNecrotic | Yasmochi | cosmicaquarium
- ♡ -


Seems I fell off the face of the earth again ahahahhhhhhhhhhah

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u need to see latest update to yandere simulator
naked yandere-chan and customisable senpai
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i see u lookin at my snapchat story

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Painting sure is fun! You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend. 
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