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Taylor | 16 | Jan. 17 | Phlegmatic/Sanguine | INFP/INTP

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Hey there! Welcome to my page!
I'm not sure if this is your first time here or not but allow me to give you a brief introduction of myself! First and foremost, my name- Taylor. I'm both a writer and an artist and though I have a lot of room for improvement, I hold both of these close to my heart. My goal in writing is to hopefully inspire some to be able to do what they love, just like how some people have done to me!
I do hope you like my works!

Aside from writing and art, I do have other hobbies! Such as video games, sobbing over fictional boys, trying to sing along to anime openings despite the fact that I know little to no Japanese, and binge watching all the Studio Ghibli movies for days on end. Also, please do feel free to talk to me whenever! I really love conversing with people and making new friends! I may be a bit awkward at first but that's due to me being a somewhat shy and introverted person, but I love to talk to people, so shoot me a message! I swear I'm not scary or rude!
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Instagram || RP Twitter || Scenery blog || Skype* Aot Imagines blog || Quotev || AO3

If you see my works anywhere other than these links, please tell me, for the people who are running those accounts are plagiarizing and/or impersonating me.

*Note me for it.


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"You are the author of your story. If you're stuck on the same page, remember that at any moment, you have the power to write a new chapter."

"Of course you deserve love, you are breathing after all, aren't you?"

"Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all."

"Remember, you don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of."

"Those who called themselves 'ugly' don't realize that someone out there thinks that they're the most beautiful person in their eyes."

"Sometimes there is such beauty in awkwardness. There's love and emotion trying to express itself, but at the time, it just ends up being awkward."

"A love story should never have a happy ending, because real love stories ever end."

"I crave you in the most innocent form. I crave to say good night and give you forehead kisses and to say that I adore you when you feel at your worst. I crave you in ways where I just want to be next to you and nothing more or less."

"Ordinary things are more valuable than extraordinary things; nay, they are more extraordinary."

"Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all."

"Learn to love and you'll learn to live."

"If you sacrifice its harder to surrender."

"It doesn't matter where you were at the beginning; but where you were at the end."

"Confidence is contagious, but so is the lack of it."

"You shouldn't look back at the past; it distracts from the now."

"Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."

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Collab with Spandix by Kagswag Spring Days and Paper Hearts | Lev Haiba x Reader
For the full experience, please give this song a listen:
The day was of a calming sort. The curtains blew gently in the serene springtime breeze, swaying in every direction as the warm air blew in from the windows.  The afternoon light shone in from the window and lit up your room, causing there to be a soft glow on every surface. And the noises of the outside world seemed almost drowned out. You laid on your side, wearing nothing but a tank-top and some simple sweatpants, and you admired the way the gentle air hit your arms. Your hair was splayed out in every direction, resembling that of a lions mane, and it too gently swayed in the breeze that blew in every few seconds. You played with the ties that hung from your sweatpants, marveling in the texture of the soft braided fabric that they supplied.
The pillow that supported your head was soft on your cheek, and the scent of detergent and the rather distinctive scent your boyfriend adorned wafted into your nose every so oft
Passing Judgement | Decim x Reader [Part 1]
It enveloped your entire being, leaving you to only use your senses to try to get a gist of your surroundings, but the only thing you could pick up on was the sound of your rapid breathing, and by the way that the sound reverberated from all around you, you could easily assume you were in a small, enclosed space. You also felt the slight movement of free falling, but the surface that was under your feet told you otherwise. But before the realization dawned on you of where, or what you were in exactly, could hit you, a ding resounded around you and you suddenly regained your vision, only to see two shiny doors pressed tightly shut, and on the right of them were two buttons; one pointing up and the other down, both looking as if they were fixated to the wall. You reached a hand out to press one, but the doors suddenly slid open, revealing a long, dimly lit and narrow hallway, the walls illuminated by blue lights that ran along the ground, giving off the illusion that the shadow
Foaming coffee | Levi x Reader [Coffee Shop!AU]
Levi wiped the tabletop with a rag whilst waiting for new customers to come in. It was a relatively slow day in the Rose Cafe, only a few customers coming in per hour, the majority only coming in so they could take a break from the brisk cold weather outside, where snow was currently falling like confetti during New Years. Much to Levi's dismay, each time someone walked into the door, they would go and stomp all the fucking snow on the ground, forcing the ebony-haired man to go pick up the mop and wipe all the dirty shit up, all the while glaring holes into the back of the culprit's head. After about the tenth occurrence, Levi temper was wearing thin. He stormed over to the mop once again and gripped it so tightly, that its a wonder that it didn't snap in two. But instead of going straight to the mess, he maneuvered his way over to the customer. But before he could make his way over there and open his mouth to give them a tongue-lashing, Levi heard a voice resonate behind him.
"I wonde

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Gifts: Friends only.
Commissions: Closed.
Collaborations: Closed.
Suggestions: Always open. (Hint hint.)
Requests: Depends on what, really. Feel free to ask!
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♦ When commissioning a story, please specify a character, genre, and if you have one, the headcanon for me to write. I may sometimes deny the headcanon. There are some things I cannot write; I am only human you know.

♦ I may deny/cancel your request and/or collab if I feel like I cannot write it or if I am not up to it, so please be patient and do not get upset with me.

♦ I write for: Smut (goes on my AO3), Chara x Reader some Chara x Chara, Genderbent Charas.

♦ I do not write for OCs

♦ Please do not rush me on requests/collabs!

As of now I only write for:

Shingeki No Kyojin stamp by KyoichiiOne Piece Stamp 2 by ChrissyMStamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemistOuran Stamp by Vexic929Haikyuu!! - Stamp by Kheila-SFree - Iwatobi Swim Club stamp by Tea-StrawberryYowamushi Pedal Logo Stamp by ZinniaSnowdropKuroko no Basuke Stamp by ExelionStarNoragami Stamp by wow1076GSN Logo Stamp by ZinniaSnowdrop

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Feel free to check them out; you wont be disappointed!

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-[ G i f t s ]-

Gods And Monsters(Erwin X Prostitute!Reader) 80sAU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
In the land of Gods and Monsters
I was an Angel
Living in the garden of evil
Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed
Shining like a fiery beacon

    Of course, the life she lived wasn't one of ornamental items and elegant clothing along with access to the most exclusive of places. It was quite the opposite, filled to the brim with men making love to their analeptic, and disrespecting immature boys who found the need to relieve themselves onto a plaything. Most believed they were the shit compared to her, who loitered about the street corners with her skimpy, revealing clothing, and obviously-fake seductive expression that practically begged for her monthly rent. She would bat her lashes at passerby's who would gaze at her figure with amusement or lust in their eyes, hopefully earning one to three customers a night. It wasn't the most virtuous or magnificent job to have, but it was e
Tsukishima x Reader | Lotus
    Sitting in this room felt so familiar in many ways. It had a warm aura that could be considered as good as a home away from home. To say the least, you were comfortable here. Sitting on this bed as you sure you had done many times before, you curiously observed your surroundings. The desk to the side was well kept and tidy; nothing seemed disorderly or out of place. Although, it had that nice touch of childhood innocence with his old dinosaur collection located on a shelf. You could tell he took care of himself well, and yet there were still so many questions you still had.
    With a sigh, he brought over the box of memorabilia and placed it in the space between your bodies. You couldn’t exactly figure him out. On one hand he seemed nothing but sardonic, but he was human after all. S
panico y paz [yamaguchi tadashi/reader]she had dreams in her eyes and love in her soul
and in his she was

This was a rare morning.

One of strangely pleasant awakenings and a surprising amount of energy, as little as it might have been. It was enough compared to most days of sluggishness and the urge to turn over and drift off once more.
There was a pull today, a different type of urge.
A routine, the same one since she could remember.
Get up, wash, dress, eat, leave.
Some days she couldn’t complete even the first task. She’d stay wrapped up in her sheets, dreading the sunlight and the joy she couldn’t seem to achieve despite her will, as weak as it was.
But today was different. Today was new and bright, full of promise.
A day full of the unexpected.
He thought he was, as Tsukishima had put it countless times before, pathetic. It was their third year for christ's sake, they’ve been friends longer than that and yet he couldn’t brin
Profound (Takeda Ittetsu x Reader)
What you woke up to this morning wasn't the normal mob of messy black hair and brown eyes, unclad of black-rimmed glasses, but rather the other half of your bed being disappointingly empty and cold. You stretched your hand out tiredly and clawed softly at the white bedsheets as though confirming it was indeed reality. The unoccupied space was somewhat familiar but, still, the loving touches you usually woke up to were morphed into your system. Your eyes closed lazily when the rays of sunshine managed to sneak through the little space left exposed by the bedroom curtains. The fatigue was also still leisurely flowing through your limbs.
A soft, muted chuckle reached your ears and from what you could tell, it came all the way from the living room. A flickering flame was warming you up from the inside and you smiled as his light-hearted chuckles continued to resonate through the house. You managed to suppress your urge to reminisce, since imagining his smiling face was reminding you o
Ticklish. || Bokuto x Reader (College!AU)
Couldn't read all the fine print
that was written in the stars.
I don't care as long as you are
funky at heart.

Homework long forgotten, your fingers gently threaded themselves in Bokuto's hair, (s/c) skin meshing with white and grey locks. You were humming a faint tune as you idly played with the hair of your owl-like boyfriend, seeing as he was far too occupied with the movie that was currently playing on the TV. College had been pretty hectic for the both of you, and seeing as you both had different (and busy) schedules, it was hard to find moments where you could spend some quality time with each other. So you were grateful to have moments like these; peacefully lounging about with Bokuto without a care in the world.
Absentmindedly, your fingertips gently scraped at the exposed skin behind his neck [1], which earned a faint hum of approval from him. Guessing he liked that, you continued your ministrations. It never ceased to amaze you at how soft and smooth his hair felt aga
Kei Tsukishima x Reader |Troublesome|
Tsukishima always keeps his appearance of someone who is irritated.
There's a simple reason for that -- it's because he is irritated. There's a long list of reasons why to go along with it, as well. Though, it would serve to only annoy him more if he were to list them all mentally. The list begins to grow as he watches a particular figure (one that just so happened to be you), continue talking.
Boy, could you talk.
Those lips that he secretly admires have been running nonstop, constantly spilling words. Most of them weren't all that important, mainly things relating to your lunch, random animals, and whatever else. Tsukishima drums his fingers, his eyebrow twitching. He silently contemplates what he should do to get you to be quiet.
Even if it lasts only for a second.
He's an asshole, that's a fact. He figures if he puts on his headphones and plays some music, you would get the hint. At the same time, that might be a bit too harsh, even for him.
Not that he minds, or so h
A Sky Full of Stars [Oikawa x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
The ball flies across the court with the speed of a shooting star, the lights brimming the spherical rims.
Your heart pounds.
Your knuckles whiten.
Your eyes widen and glisten with delight.
And then...
The ball meets the floor with such speed, one blink, one breath, and the opposing team falls to the hands of the Grand King; Oikawa Toru.
Sweaty fingertips brush aside matted, burgundy locks. Dark eyes sparkle with satisfaction.
“Game. Set. Match.”
The cheers from Aoba Jousai High reverberate off the walls, piercing your ears. Even still, you rise from your seat and throw your arms in the air.
In the midst of this huge crows, you become a tiny star in the midst of millions of others, brighter, prettier, more radiant. Your voice melds with the enthusiastic screams and cries of adoring ladies, nothing more than a whisper in turmo
'just being' | tsukishima
Love was…
Closed lip hellos. Barely touching shoulders. Soft expressions. Loud, obnoxious laughter. Brushing knuckles. Slow, rising grins. Unplanned dates. Unplanned arguments.
Love was…
A breath of kindness. An easy back to lean against.  The liberty of playing with their hair. Running after them at midnight. Chocolate milkshakes at 2 am. Tolerance.
It’s not often he allows this. He trots towards you, the sidewalk lamps illuminating his old jeans with a bronze glow. They were faded white from extensive use, dragging across the cement with tattered ends. And he wore the same black sweatshirt, same static expression, same untidy blond hair. Creating friction by rubbing his hands, he breathes into his palms to produce warmth. Puffs of white appear in the midnight chill.
You’re glad to know at least one person hasn’t changed.  
bro'd two times too many. | bokuto koutarou
“Bro! Since you’re here, that means she’s here, right?”Bokuto’s golden eyes flash with excitement as he literally dances in place.
 It’s been way too long since Nekoma High had come to Fukurodani for another practice match, and Bokuto was more than happy to have another opportunity to see not only his bro in arms, Kuroo Tetsurou, but you as well.
Kuroo stifles a laugh and slings an arm around Bokuto. “Of course man. I knew you wanted to see her so I had to make her come.”
Bokuto lets out a hearty laugh and places his hands on his hips. “Since I was your wingman-singman last time you gotta be my catman-bratman.”
A smirk graces Kuroo’s features. “Hiss hiss, let’s piss—“ He coughs.“I mean let’s go bro.”
You’re sitting in the hallway, engrossed in some sort of video game that you probably filched from Kenma. You’re frowning at the screen and whispering
Misconceptions (Yandere!Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    Outright enmity seemed to overtake his entire being as he mercilessly scrubbed at the champagne glass, silver-ashen hues trailing behind the familiar figure of a woman, with curves of a goddess, hair of an angel, and voice of honey. He honestly loathed the way the other bartender's emerald hues followed hers, glimmering bright with the elation of a child receiving a gift. And in a way, the brunette was earning a present every time she laughed or grinned. The term 'jealousy' was an understatement. The feeling of fiery heartache burning deep within his insides was something far more intense and profound than the notion of jealousy.
    He loathed the way the others would stare at his prize.
    The men who went by the name of Eren and Levi had been competing for the woman's heart for what seemed like years. Although Levi already had the pleasure of calling the gi
Speak [Soulmate!AU] [Tsukishima Kei x Deaf!Reader]
Soulmate!AU where the first words you hear your soulmate say to you is inked onto your wrist
People laugh at the way I talk
That would be the first thing his soulmate would say to him, and as he read over those words again and again, he wondered what kind of person his soulmate would turn out to be. 
Walking into class, he caught sight of his best friend and a particular girl in their seats beside each other with smiles on both their faces. With his headphones on, he ignored them and walked over to his seat by the corner and sat down, pulling out his books for that lesson.
“Good morning Tsukki!”
He turned to tell the freckled boy to shut up, as he usually did, but when he saw the small smile on [Name]’s face and the way she gave him a little wave, he looked back down to his books after greeting them curtly. “Morning.”
Peering over his textbook, he saw Yamaguchi reading something that she wrote on a little notebook she always carried arou
The Sun and The Rose (Eren X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    The delicate petals of the tree dared to fall off and bedeck the Earth with their colorful presence due to the slight breeze allowing them to sway to and fro. It seemed a miracle that a world so cruel and harsh could grow something of such beauty and grace, it gave everyone around it a sense of serenity and hope once laying their eyes upon its tranquil aura. Yet, even if the petals that floated down concealed his tears from the outer world, they could never be hidden from your sight. They were a beacon in the inky darkness of the night sky, signaling for a remedy to his despair despite his stubbornness and reluctance to allow help from anyone, including yourself.
    So you both stood beneath the magnificent and alluring tree, its fragrance swirling about your figures as if it were shielding you from the horrors that lie in the outside world. Swallowing thickly, your eyes roamed over
Glass Skin [Levi x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
Your body, your broken skin, the rivers of life directing your life fluid down your cheeks and neck, the strands of your hair, floating in the puddles forming about you,
the tears streaking down your filthied face, your swollen eyes, blurring everything before you, your mind, crackling and fading,
your entire being is glass, unable to sustain the weight of life, as your soul screams, clings, begs to cling onto this world.
You perceive him, a shadow amongst your tears lost in the rain. Cold, gunmetal eyes electrify with the horror of the sight before him. Leather boots sink into the mud as he runs to you, falls to your side. Choking back a sob, he gathers you in his arms, slowly, deliberately,
as if you are made of glass.
Your voice breaks, straining just to allow that silken word to trace your lips and coat your tongue.
“Hush, don’t speak,” he commands, knotting hi
Chasing Pavements (Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong, I am right, don't need to look no further,
This ain't lust, I know,
This is love

    These words repeated over and over against in his mind as his lazy gaze concentrated on the meager water droplets dribbling down the smooth, slightly fogged glass of the window. The steam rising from his fresh mug of tea tickled the contours of his features, causing him to irritably wrinkle his nose as he straightened his posture in the wooden seat. He allowed his lids to flutter shut with ease as his thoughts roamed endlessly in his head, shouting profanities to himself and his idiocy. As he dragged his tongue over his dry and chapped lips, one particular notion began prodding him, catching his attention the most.
    You're stupid. How co
Orca by Cloud-9-Art nebulas n'angel cake. [AYATO//READER]
The city is a hollow world. It's usually pulsing. Alive. You close your eyes. Only briefly. If you breathe you'll notice the cold licks brushing your cheek. The haze, the taste of smoke not quite there. It's far away. You're not alone. Blinking your eyes open, do you realise something? Emptiness, you're the only one breathing, it's outlandish. Millions reduced to zero. The city? Someone coughs. It's ours.
Ayato spoke softly, “Oi.”
You didn't pay any heed, since leaning against the metal railings, you've always noticed the colours of the sky. He sighs, “Oi, [First].” You swallow down words. It's brilliantly blue. A royal blue! Amidst of it all your eyes are wide. Ayato took a step. There's breathing upon your neck. The breath of vibrant eyes. Ayato joins you.
“Are you deaf or something?”
“...Hm?”  In a daze you mumble, “Oh yeah?” He tugs at his collar, making sure to avoid certain tendencies. You exhale but you're looking
Levi x Reader [Still Here]
Song: because nightcore's bae
Confidence. every ounce of it faded as you lifted your gentle calloused hands to knock on the corporal’s door...
Titans were something that terrified many , a source that people desperately try to get away from except for those who were fearless enough to enter their territory.
And you were glad and proud to be apart of that group being one of the best soldiers in the prefecture. Although who knew that looking into those stone cold eyes could not only send a shiver throughout a body but also teleport the most hyper of butterflies into a one’s stomach?
Musing through memories,
Losing my grip in the grey.
Numbing the senses,
I feel you slipping away.
It was a cold chilly night and the Survey Corps had just gotten back a week ago from their 57th expedition. Oh how nice it would’ve been to relax by the fire with your besties, Sasha and Connie, while getting to have a warm cup of hot cho
Forbidden [Jean x Reader] [Victorian!AU]
( Please listen while you read!)
Lord Jean Kirstein suffered a horrid affliction, an plague spreading through the high class, an epidemic seeping into the very core of noblemen and women alike, one that came and go until it sunk them into the darkest depths.
Yes, the terrible illness that was boredom preyed upon his mind. None of the glitter and charm of these expensive gatherings appealed to his dulled senses. The women dressed in finest array and color, all an assortment of beauty and elegance, not once piqued his interest. The mundane conversations of the high class gentlemen failed to turn his head.
Instead, his golden eyes landed on a delicate shadow in the distance, dressed in gentle hues of blue and silver.
Unlike the chattering ladies of the court, you concealed yourself in the background, quietly sipping away at your drink, watching those around you. Your eyes, glittering like the crystal composing the glass, observed the
Cuddle Me! SugawaraxReaderAccording to Sugawara Koushi, there was nothing more puzzling, more beautiful and breathtaking in her actions, and exquisite in her ability to understand than you.
Sugawara’s fingers flew across the keys on his laptop as he thought, every word forming in his mind being recorded onto the screen through the simple tapping movements of his fingers. The hushed shifting of sheets behind him caused his eyes to flicker in your direction and his fingers paused. Golden streams of light rippled through the curtains and spilled everywhere, turning his normally plain bedroom into a dream. And you were in the center of it. He watched as you launched yourself into a full-body stretch, legs and arms trembling in relief from being curled up all night.
“K-Koushiiii,” you called out in a soft whine, eyes squeezed shut in concentration as your fingertips brushed the headboard.
Haikyuu~!! Pixel Icons by Spandix Escape || (Tanaka x Reader)
Theme 2: Family
Escape (Tanaka x Reader)

 It felt like you had been walking forever. Your feet hurt tremendously, the sun was shining more than you would like it too, and there were people everywhere. Why did your parents have to choose this day, of all days, for your family to go out on a hike together? You loved your family, and you were considerably excited for today when your parents told you, but now you just wanted to go home, and the excitement had vanished. It didn't help that today happened to be a practice match between your boyfriend's volleyball team and their rival, Nekoma.
  All you wanted right now was to go home and watch cheesy comedies with your comical boyfriend, Tanaka, after watching the practice match, of course. Checking your watch, you figured the match would be over by now, as it was getting late. Grumbling to yourself once more about how ridiculous it was that your family wanted to go out today of all days, you heard a commotion. Curio
Koushi Sugawara x Reader - Red String
A red string is tied around their ankles.
She rubbed her left ankle, which was sore from falling down and bending it the wrong way when she was on the stairs. She rose her hand, the white sleeve pulling bits of her shirt up by a little.
“______-san?” her teacher asked, looking straight at her.
“Could I go to the nurse’s office? My ankle hurts,” she explained, and was helped to the office with her class’ aid, Kuroo.
“You’re usually so busy.” she said to him.
“I’m not busy now.” he replied. “Are you coming to the practice match this weekend? We’re excused because we have to travel to another part of Japan.”
“Really?” she asked, sliding her arm off his shoulders and sat down, and he sat down beside her, loosening his tie. “You are?”
“Yup. Since you’re usually following with the volleyball team, I thought you wanted to come, _____-
I'm Not The Only One (Cheater!Levi X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen As You Read!:
This is also a Part 2 to this fic: ~

"I made you breakfast, by the way."
"... Do you think you could... stay a little later this morning and eat it with me?"
The steely grey orbs you had come to adore so dearly trailed over your form that seemed to emit your strong hope, as you stood on your toes as if you were an eager child with your petite hands clasped before you. A bright smile painted your rosy lips, your sanguine and optimistic aura almost begging him to comply to your simple request. A look of pity crossed the shadowed contours of his visage as he slipped his arm into his large overcoat, taking in a large breath of air.
"I'm running a little late today. I have to do something for the boss, and he won't like it if I'm not there soon," he muttered, adjusting the collar of his shirt.
An expression of disappointment c
The Reluctant Heroes (Levi X Reader)
~This is my 1,000 watchers fic, and I want to thank you guys so much for supporting me every step of the way, and following me on my little journey here on DA! I love you guys!
Please Listen As You Read! You May Have To Replay It A Few Times!~

It was like a nightmare that could make you scream
'Cause nobody wants to die too fast
That wretched day of grief is so strange to me
I could see your face, I could hear your voice
Remembering the day we met rips my heart in half
'Cause no one should have to die that fast
And now the day we dreamed is just pain for me
I could see your face, I could hear your voice

    She was an angel. Metaphorically, and literally.
    Features cherub as an innocent child, voice laced with the sweetness of honey and the texture of silk, laughter vibrant with life and brilliance, and stars were no match for her clinquant hues dazzling with sentience. Radiant, she was, with her luminous
`words` | levi x alzheimer's!reader (au)
*A/N: Please listen to the song and read the description.
( X
  You’re like the flicker of sun dancing at dawn.
And when you breathe, it’s like diamond crystals twinkling in the dusk. And when you smile, you illuminate his endless pitch abyss. And when you take his hand, he finds that he has no need for oxygen when he’s consumed by your grace.
Everything about you…he loved…everything about you…
Not a soul travels outside, the opaque chiffon of snow like gossamer over the neighborhood and blanketing it in a weighty hush. A tinge of soft mourning gently exudes from the descending snowflakes, the susurrus paired with the crackling of his cozy fireplace silencing the words jammed in his throat.
His mind was blurred with the intensity of a storm, his pallid lips failing to part. The years he’s spent, the memories of his bygone days and the doubt of h
Levi x Reader - Wahn
The sound of heavy inhales and exhales were all that filled the room as the couple waited endlessly. His white button up clung to his chest due to the mix of perpetration and humidity in the thick air. He was ready now. The fate of what awaited him was finally not another anxiety left to swirl around in his thoughts. After all, she was there with him, her soft hand resting on his shoulder. Although silent, he quiet enjoyed the touch of the one he loved so. It was the final "it's going to be okay" confirmation that he needed at the moment. Kissing her lips was something he'd rather enjoy at the moment, but decided against it fear of being awkward.
    "How are you feeling?" 
Feline eyes glanced up at his lover, her words being music to his ears.
    "I'm fine."
    She nodded in affirmation,
holic [LevixReader]
It is effortless to be in the state of dreaming. You stand, no, we stand. Depersonalisation. It happens during these moments. Where the night skies, it eats away. Our visions to nothing. For it is grand, and when you breathe. You blink to yourself, the wisps of who you are merely floating. Humans, he, you, everyone are the small dots upon the green landscape. Much alike to the sky, where bright lights are wet specks of burning white upon a long tapestry of no end.
Where we stand.
“Do you like stars?” Levi mumbled.
It's tethering on the edge. You take a step. Steel-grey eyes warily glance at your prodding at such a common thing named, danger. Licking your lips, the breath knocked out of you. Night-time offers surprises. “Oi, I'm talking to you,” he sighs. Standing on the walls, it offers the sky. On the walls, there is you, there is Levi, but you restlessly clench and unclench your fists. There's something more!
Now he can't breathe, but neither
Small Doses {Levi x Reader} [Drabble]
Please Listen to this piece while reading!
Each kiss was subtle.
Each glance was loving.
And it all came in small doses.
This was the way Levi was.
This was the way your love with him was and just how it functioned so well. Not that you minded, of course. Since Levi was a different soul, you understood your love would be unlike any other.
It would be filled with uncertainties and constant fear of waking one morning to only remember that the other was not with them anymore. This world was a world in which love could not be treated so lightheartedly, a world where death was there each moment your eyes cracked open.
Yet, your love with Humanity's Strongest blossomed in this world of inevitable pain like a flower in the sidewalk crevice.
You could even remember the night you were able to work up enough courage to reach for his vacant palm. That night on top of the roof where he once spoke to you of He, Isabel, and Farlan watch
Iterum ~ AU!{Levi x Reader}
please listen to this while reading. thank you!! ;v;
He was falling. Collapsing. Drifting into the endless void he called the "afterlife." It was filled with blackness, an endless abyss that he could never find solace in. There was no air, no breeze, no liquids or ailments, no people. His eyes, once suppressed with ache and the loss of fallen loved ones and comrades, were now brimmed with tears as he glared at the emptiness above.
A tear slips from his sockets, ambling above his supple body. His steely hues slowly droop down, the last glimpse of the tear on his mind. The man offered a tiny smile to nothing in particular, lolling his head back.
"Just one more time..."
He couldn't recall the first time he saw your unnaturally beautiful figure, but as an internally selfish man, he never wished to stop. His appearances always remained the same; short, lean muscle, and neat, undercu
Secure Serenity (Eren X Reader) AU
~A/N: Listen as you read! It sets a wonderful mood!
I also apologize if this seems rushed or if there are many typos, I'm writing this on my tablet and it's not the same as my laptop!~

Security was always an item of importance to you, whether it be a miniscule or extensive amount.
A deep longing had filled your soul to the brim at the wonderful thought of being protected non-stop, to have a never-ending element of safety delving in the in most darkest and frightened core of your heart. You craved to have the privilege of staring into a pair of bright eyes that gave you a silent statement of reassurance, to meet that one person that made you feel invulnerable without even trying to. To feel loved and cherished without any exchange of words necessary, to be in a state of everlasting peace just with a simple consoling touch. Where a small glance was all you needed to feel calm and collected, enough for a small sigh to escape your rosy lips
Cheater!Writer!Levi x Reader - Vermillion - [AU]
[Please listen, it brings the story to life]
Some women just have qualities that are noticed almost immediately. Whether it's their eyes, their hair, their laugh, or their smile, some women just have certain attributes that shine above everyone else in the room. She, on the other, had so many things that popped out that it was hard to single out just what exactly drew him in. He first remembered her at a bar, sitting alone with a head full of thoughts. A crimson dress hugged her frame while ruby lips brought her flawless face to life. How such a beautiful creature could have such sorrowful eyes was beyond him. Timidly, he placed himself on the bar stool next to her, promptly ordering strong liquor to calm himself from a long day.
   Each bar fly has their own story to tell, a reason for them to need alcohol. Some came to party, some came to relax, some came to think, and others came in to drown out whatever thoughts tr
[Yato x Hiyori] I'm All You've Got
[Yato x Hiyori] I'm All You've Got
[#TW: Swearing]
[Bolded text is Yato!]
"Are you stupid?!"
"Do you even care?!"
"I'm a god."
"That doesn't matter, Yato-Sama!"
"It kinda' does..."
"You're just soooo unreasonable these days aren't you?!"
"You're just sooooooooo unreasonable these days aren't you?!?!?!?!"
"Do not use that tone with me you, bastard!"
"I can use any tone I want."
"Oh yeah? Why is that, Mr I'm-So-Useless."
"You walk along the streets every day, silently watching phantoms, but I stop and I have to fight them. You walk home and go to a bed to sleep... Although people can't forget my past and I have to deal with the hate and shunning I get from people. You're human -- I'm a god. Remember that wish you made? Wanting to stay forever? It'll never ever come true. You're a human and you wither away... I'll soon die.. I know it. My only goal is to actually be known around the world... And you -- you've got
Titan Whale x Reader |Sea of Love| [Crackfic]
It was over. Every breath you took was one you had earned, liberty shining valiantly on your back. There wasn't a single titan remaining, and that news alone was enough to bring waves of relief over your entire being. Finally, you had escaped the treacherous nightmare that was always on your toes, escape seeming impossible.
Instead, you faced the problem head on - and the results were victory. For humanity. Flashes of the comrades that weren't as luck as you were appeared in your mind, gravitating your body towards the ground as you felt the weight of their losses. Even with the threat of the titans demolished, there were never ending worries that would take their place. Was it worth it? Will humanity continue to survive? Will there be a new threat?
Your mind was plagued with a new wave of doubts, begging the question, what would you do now? The lean figure of a brunette appeared in front of you, vigorously shaking your shoulders to snap you out of your stupor. You looked up, your eyes
[.cop! erwin x criminal! reader] pretty boy
Loud sirens, blaring lights, the darkness of the night. Your chest is heavy, sprinting in the street. A fucking police chase. You, of course, were just so lucky, you had gotten caught. Being in an open part of the city wasn’t too good. Actually, they had chased you into a part they probably knew you couldn’t escape out of. Just your luck.
“Oh, I surrender!” You mock breathily. You’re soon surrounded by police cars, the flashing lights seeming almost blinding.
A blond steps out of one of the cars, pistol pointed right at you. He’s a pretty boy, you think, a smirk gracing your lips. He doesn’t speak, but his thick brows are furrowed.
“Against the car, now,” His voice is almost intimidating. A smaller man, who seemed to have an expression that just said he hated everyone, glared at the blond. Obviously the pretty boy wasn’t doing something right.
Surprised at yourself for even doing so, you follow Erwin
Water Therapy [Levi x Anxious!Reader] [AU]
( Please listen while you read!)
“Levi, I don’t think I can do this.”
Your raven haired fiance settled himself at the center of the pool, finger tracing crystal ripples in the water. Sharp, grey eyes flared in your direction.
“Come on,” he said, holding out his hand. “This is what your therapist recommended, and I’m not gonna pay $150 dollars and NOT try what she recommends.”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “You have a point. It’s just,” you sucked in your lip, tugging at  your locks. “What if it doesn’t work?”
Expression softening, he waded through the water and reached out a hand to you. Though you expected an answer, he gave none other than gingerly taking your fingertips and leading you to the water, the warm fluid encircling you. You clutched your churning stomach, and your breaths came out shallow and forced. Eyes widened ever so slightly, you gazed
timidis [ actor!AU ] | bertholdt
He doesn’t talk much. You had assumed that he was simply devoted to his character, often remaining quiet and keeping to himself. It was a common method you had heard of, but none of the actors you worked with practiced it.
You honestly had no clue that he was that shy-- until you talked to him.
He was flustered the instant you spoke to him-- his expression lit up with surprise before various shades of red adorned his cheeks. He stuttered whenever he responded-- at least, when you could hear him properly.
It made you smile.
Of course, that was months ago. Despite the long time that had passed, he had hardly come out of his shell. He talked more, but his discomfort was still obvious. You talked to him as often as you could, but it only seemed to backfire. Regardless of your long conversations you’ve had within the past months, it just felt as if he was more uncomfortable around you. And only you.
You thought nothing of it at first, but the nagging feeling increasingly grew.
Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader |Mom or Dad?| [Crackfic]Levi was a very flexible man, who could deal with a variety of things. He could deal with titans, Mikasa's glaring, Eren's whining, his wife's moodiness when she was pregnant, and his obnoxious little baby girl's crying.
But there was one thing Levi could never get used to. That, would be his wife's need to win everything. Basically, you were a very competitive person, and boy did it show. You even found a way to be competitive when you were growing Levi's little brat inside of you, by saying you were going to give birth to a girl, after Levi dumbly said it might be a boy.
What a mistake that was.
Don't get him wrong, Levi definitely did love you and all, but a combination of you suddenly yelling at him for not agreeing and then crying, before ignoring him for the rest of the day (which didn't really work out that much since you needed his help waddling around, you were 8 months pregnant after all).
So Levi made it his top priority to not ever trigger your annoying competitiveness. But
Happiness [Puppy!Eren x Reader] [AU]
“Eren! Wait! Get back here!”
The friction beneath your feat gave way as you chased after the little ball of energy dragging your textbook by his teeth. Growls vibrated in his chest as he bounced all along the way.
What a way to spend your Friday; trying to wrap up your homework for the weekend, then chasing after your new puppy threatening to shred your book to pieces. You had not owned him for very long. Your college life left you rather lonesome, spending so many quiet nights in your apartment, reading and studying. That was when, one fateful shopping day, you came across this little fella. Immediately, you fell in love with him. To begin with, he was adorable. His fur was a velvety brown, and his green eyes twinkled with a youthful liveliness. In the midst of his tumbling and wrestling, he caught your line of sight. Making a b-line for the window, he placed his little paws against the window, gazing into your eyes, panting and wagging his tail. He paid anyone else no hee
A Posse ad Esse ~ {Armin x Reader}
this is for my lovely: :iconfancypants1499:! i actually wanted to do a levi x reader for you, but i already did too many levi's (i'm also doing two other levi x readers soon) so i did armin! i hope you like this ; u; god, armin's so cute. //squeezes little shota boy
Gentle taps of rain fell against the ground and window screens while thunder rumbled in the background. The night sky was covered with thick, gray clouds, shielding the brilliance of the moon from sight. Cool blue hues glare outside from the glass window, his fingernails lightly scraping against the worn out sheets of his book. Stormy days relaxed the blonde boy if he wasn't out on an expedition while it was occurring. He treasures the subdued sound of thunder and the vivid clashes of lightning hidden behind the mass of inky clouds. Not only that, but the rain - oh, how he savors both the sight and sound of the wet weather! A candle was lit faintly on the nightstand next to him at his bunk. The bedsheets
[.erwin x reader] Sweet things
[.erwin x reader] Sweet things
Warning: Mild Sexual Themes.

   Chapped lips pressed against yours, large palms against your hips. The most subtle actions would make a small gasp come from your soft lips. No, this wasn't unusual for yourself and your lover to do things like this when he had time, or just needed some persuading. The comfortable position you held on the commander's lap enabled you to not fidget, which you were thankful for.
 The missed warmth of his lips against yours, breathless pants filled the room, the lack of oxygen made you a bit hazy. Erwin's padded fingertips press against your chin in a soft manner, making you eye level with him. Sharing loving glances, your breath hitched, your heart aching for more of him.
 "Erwin," your words come out in a rasped tone, the grip on his neck tightening. Erwin just nods, signalling for you to go on. "Please," your voice is hush now, watching his beautiful muscled figure.
 "Be specific,"
About Time (Hikaru Hitachiin X Reader)
“Hikaru I have homework to do.” You said, annoyance evident in your voice, when the redhead proceeded to poke and annoy you; you were currently tucked in a back corner of the Host Club, reading your science book
“But __y/n_-chan I’m bored!” Hikaru whined and looked at you with puppy dog eyes.
“Have Kaoru entertain you.” You muttered tiredly before turning back to your science book.
“Kaoru’s sick today.” Hikaru said with a frown. Well that explained why Hikaru was so bored, he couldn’t do his “twincest” routine.
“Don’t you have girls you’re supposed to be hosting?” You asked, tilting your head to look at him.
“Nope, they all left.” Hikaru said cheerfully. You grabbed your iPod out of your bag and saw that it was way later than you had thought.
“Ah shit I should get home.” You mumbled under your breath. You stood up, slung your bag over your shoulder, and hurrie
Christmas Wishlist Gift - Galactic-Oceans by indi-dere
- Tsukki x Reader written by none other than Attackonfanfiction

- Amazing drawing made by the wonderful Spandix

→ [ F a v o r i t e s ] ←

This box is to show others some amazing works that I have recently encountered and hopefully shine some recognition onto the deviants who worked hard to make them!:
- ♡ -

'Badass Flowers' by Spandix 1$ kisses | suga x popular!m!reader |
“I can’t believe you roped me into doing this.” Despite your deadpan voice and mask of indifference, your words gave away just how exasperated you were at being forced to man the most embarrassing station at your stupid school fair.
“Oh come on, [F/N],” your friend Mori laughed, slapping you on the back with a playful grin. “Mister popular gettin’ all shy at the thought of kissing strangers?”
You turned red.
“C’mon, you’re #1 on every girl’s To Date list. You’ll earn us so much money.”
You cringed. “Okay, first of all, do not ever call me ‘mister popular’ again. Second of all, I am so not on every girl’s to date list. Is that even a thing?”
He snorted. “Of course it is.”
“And really, you’re using me to get money.”
“Well I mean, the money is for our club, so…” He trailed off and cast you a knowing look. You sighed. You <
soft articulations. toudou jinpachi
Toudou vividly recollected the memory of his confession to you - the way your complexion flushed as your hands fretted with the hem of your pleated skirt, and the breathless squeak that suspended from your thin lips before they curved upwards into a blithe smile - and it was the most fortunate day of his life; he was uneasy at first you wouldn't want to engage in a relationship with a third-year since you were still a first-year, but when you avowed the same heartfelt feelings to him, exultation skated over his insides in short bursts and the world never looked so iridescent before.
Every time his slender fingers entwined with yours, the smoothness of your skin sliding delicately against his, a coveted warmth permeated through the contact and imbued tranquility into his entity. Every time his ample lips pressed fervently onto yours, a familiar bluster fluttered his heart while butterflies tickled and gnawed his sides pink. Every time he heard your mellifluous voice, those soft articula
Insults: Tsukishima Kei x F!ReaderYou stood at the bus stop, your schoolbag and bento in hand. Several other students chatted in small groups of friends while they waited.
You didn't recognize anyone, as it was to be your first day at Karasuno. Recently, your family had moved here from Tokyo because your father had gotten a new job. The difference between the two cities was painfully obvious. A twinge of homesickness struck you, but you forced it down. Miyagi was your new home now.
Vroom. The bus appeared around the corner.
The noise of sneakers slapping against the ground came towards you, and you turned to see a tall blonde boy with glasses running towards the bus stop, desperately attempting to arrive on time. A small smile flickered onto your face.
He reached the bus stop just in time to get in after you, and you paid no more attention to him until he tapped your shoulder.
"Hey, you. You're new."
You winced internally and nodded, your expression blank.
You sat down in an empty bus seat, and he slid in next t
.indolent | worick x reader x nicolas.
.Worick x Reader x Nicolas.

Little ticks here, small tocks there, quiet clang of dishes there broke and danced in the silence of the room. It was nice for a moment just sitting on your stool at the table, your chop-sticks picking and moving around at your food, idly watching your two friends do the same, and all in quiet - no phone ringing, not even the fatal crack of a whip or the sound of skin colliding could be heard from across the alley which happened to be completely abnormal as it happened almost every day, and if it were happening now, you'd surely hear it since the window was opened like always. You believed Nicolas had a slight interest in the girl - Alex you believe she told you at one point when you talked to her briefly - but he either would deny it, or just turn away from you ... but he always seemed to be looking out the window when you would see him. Perhaps it was just coincidence, because you did have a tendency to allow your imagination to run w
Surrender | Nicolas Brown x Reader
TW: Slight language.
Perhaps it was the coffee, or maybe there was something in the sweets that Worick had brought home from his other appointment, you suspect.
For in the midst of the quiet confines of your makeshift room, save the restless rustling of your sheets -
- you cannot sleep.
You were tired, truly. Yet you can no longer take count of the times you have yawned, some even forced, as you await for the wave of lethargic somnolence you’ve been yearning since your head had hit the pillows. 
And that was five hours ago.
A defeated sigh escapes you as you turn to your other side yet again, feeling a cold weary rivulet tracing its way from the corner of your lid down to your ear. You make no attempt to wipe it off, only letting it seep into the side of your cheek, hoping it’ll alleviate your strained vision; now too accustomed of the dark.
You close your eyes once more, lips parting for another yawn - praying it’ll be the last for the
Lucid (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
On a nice starry Spring evening, after having gone out on a much-needed break with just your boyfriend and you, you entered the small comforting confinement of his room. Kuroo's hand reluctantly slipped away from your waist as you set down your bag next to his bed and while he sat down on it, you hurried over to his closet instead, a small hop in your steps and the happy grin on your face failing to disappear. 
''I'm gonna steal one of your shirts, okay?'' You asked excitedly, already carefully rummaging through his neatly piled clothing.
Kuroo let out a small laugh, for he knew even if he objected you'd get yourself into one of his shirts anyway.
''Sure, grab me one too while you're at it,'' he said with a small smirk, leaning back on his palms as he sat on the edge of his bed, looking at your happy face when you found a shirt you liked.
With a grin, you looked over your shoulder back at him and opposed, ''Nope, y
Beautiful Days (Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader)
A/N: I recommend listening to this while reading~
From my heart,
You watched the long grass around you get struck by the gentle wind, pushed and attacked before getting struck again in one place and then another. The wind let the grass flow in ripples like waves of water, picking up fallen cherry blossom leaves here and there, sending them off into the sky. The leaves took their time spiralling in the sky, like a roller-coaster coming to a halt, decelerating to land in an unknown destination. The sun was wandering far above the horizon, laying a soft blanket of warmth upon everything that it reached.
Lying down in the midst of an open grass field made your body ache as you were surrounded by the trees like guardians looking down at you. The feeling of the blades of grass was familiar, it felt wonderful, especially when you became numb and felt like you were floating away, just as though su
Intimidating [ Aone Takanobu x Reader ]
    If there was one word that would describe Aone Takanobu, it was intimidating. Standing at six foot three with sharp eyes that seemed to glare at everyone, he hardly ever talked and towered over most of the people at your school. Never did you stop to think that beneath his iron-like exterior was the biggest teddy bear Date Tech High had ever seen.
    At first, you didn’t want to. You really didn’t want to. But pulling an all-nighter to study for your final midterm had you swaying on your feet, and you were sure you would collapse if you didn’t sit down and rest.
    You were standing across a sitting Aone Takanobu on the train, desperately trying to pull together whatever courage you had to just sit down in one of the empty spots on either side of him. The fact that he was glaring at you from above the scarf that covered his face didn’t help either, and you really just wanted to keep standing, but
my sweet bun by hatsuu-aki In Color [Sugawara Koushi x Reader]
Author's Note:
Pro- Profanities!! Pro- Profanities~
I own nothing but the text. Weeee
In Color

People say that love is a wonderful thing. It allows you to see the world in a whole new perspective, like a brand new set of eyes. It was as if your previous view of the world Is just a movie rendition of your favorite book - a bland image compared to what actually is. Love shows you what you beautiful things you never thought would exist.  
People say that love colors the world.
Although you aren't really sure what they mean, the idea seems quite promising. The prospect of this world being something more beautiful than how you perceive it just intrigued you. Also, you were curious as to what ‘color’ actually is. Extremely curious.
Was it a sensation? Was it the ability see shades more vividly? Or was it simply an over-romanticized hyperbole? You don't really know
Encounter { Kageyama x Reader }
Soulmate!AU Kageyama Tobio x Reader
In which a person's soulmate has their first spoken words written somewhere on their body, and vice versa.
{ x x x }
'Hey! You just spat your cow juice all over me! Gross.'
The words inked on his wrist were written in such small and delicate-looking writing, that it surfaced a high amount of contrast to the lack of vocabulary used. Cow juice? Surely they weren't referring to milk, right?
Hauling his sports bag over his shoulder, Kageyama trudged his way down the all-too-familiar hallways. It was his everyday routine; go to volleyball practice, do the volleyball practice, help clean up after volleyball practice, and fetch himself a nice, refreshing beverage of 'cow juice' for a good day's worth of - you guessed it - volleyball practice.
Punching the buttons of the vending machine, Kageyama impatiently tapped his foot as he waited for the calcium-filled box came out. Placing the straw in the hole and taking a sip, he
Turquoise [Bokuto Koutarou x Reader]
The soft summer breeze is sweet and serene as it blows through the strangely vacant streets of Tokyo’s suburbs. The skies are wide and equally clear, dotted only occasionally by a flock of airborne birds they cross the blue expanse. The soft gasps of air catch the wind chime hanging in the open window, and you look up as the merry tinkle chimes through the room. You blink slowly, and lift a hand to stifle the yawn that tugs at the underside of your jaw.
Summer drowsiness is still heavy in your bones, pulling you into the mattress and making lifting your head from the cool cotton of your pillow seem like an impossible task. Another peal of clear notes ring softly through the room as the glass wind bell is jostled, paper tag fluttering against the air. A fan whirrs quietly in  the corner of the room, helping bring down Tokyo’s heat to a bearable, comfortable level. Your shoulders relax, uncovered by the loose tank top, and you trace a finger down the glossy back cover of
orbit |iwaizumi x reader|

Iwaizumi Hajime was incredibly obstinate, but Fate was even more so.
He never wanted to fall in love with a nice and proper girl like her. But he did. He didn’t deserve a nice and proper girl like her. Nor did he think that she deserved to be with Oikawa, who didn’t give her the attention and care that she wholeheartedly craved and needed.  As much as Iwaizumi cherished his and Oikawa’s friendship, it irked him at how his counterpart treated (Name), how careless he was with their relationship.
Every now and then, he liked to indulge in her presence, drinking in every detail of how her hair framed her rosy face, or how every part of her lovely face glowed when she smiled. He enjoyed savouring those moments, and in those special moments, he liked to forget about the world around him, and let time just stop for a while. When he was with her, he was in a completely different universe. But as
Coffee Dreams: Kei Tsukishima x Reader
Coffee Dreams: Kei Tsukishima x Reader
Tagline: #SnSGOR
If there was one word to describe Kei Tsukishima, it would be sour. Lashing out whenever he was embarrassed and being quick to criticize, he was avoided by most and simply labeled as a grouch. The only person who had been able to stand him was Yamaguchi, and even then he had eventually gotten fed up as well.
If he was never going to show his kinder, caring side, why hang around him? At least, that’s what people asked a certain (h/c)ette.
Yet the side of her mouth would quirk up into a radiant smile, and she would gesture for them to lean forward. Placing her hand next to her mouth, she would whisper a truly surprising secret into their ear.
He does have a sweet side to him.
Orbs of flowing liquid gold cracked open, only to squint into the irritatingly bright glow of yellow filtering through the window. The curtains had been pulled open a bit, and a dull feeling of annoyance built up in his chest.
First Words [Soulmate!AU] [Oikawa Tooru x Reader]
Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you is inked onto your wrist
The train was rather empty as she stepped in, her shoes clicking softly against the floor as she walked to a vacant seat. A soft sigh left her rosette lips as she smiled to herself. Even though she had to wake up almost an hour earlier than usual to avoid the rush hour crowd, it was worth it if she could avoid squeezing into the train with a ton of other people like a pack of sardines.
Leaning back into the seat, she plugged in her headphones, bobbing her head slightly to the rhythm of the song playing from her phone. A couple of stations had passed, and no one else had come in, which was expected, since the sun hadn’t even fully risen yet.
When the train stopped at the next station, [Name] saw someone in black sport shoes walk past her. Looking up, she was shocked to see the “prince” of her school sitting down on the opposite side. He was dressed in his volleyball attire and s
Meetings [ Akaashi Keiji x Reader ]
The first meeting is chance. A second meeting is coincidence. The third meeting is fate.
The thumping of the bass shook your body while the sounds of laughter, chatter, glasses clinking, and music filled your ears. The dim lighting of the club gave off a very secluded feel, separating it into a separate world from the evening light of the outdoors.
You had come with a group of friends on a Saturday night to celebrate one of the girls’ newfound single status. Club therapy was suggested and the vote was unanimous.
The club setting was a foreign one to you, but because it was foreign, you weren’t afraid to enjoy yourself. However, you laid off the alcohol to keep a sober eye on everything.
After dancing non-stop for nearly ten songs, you decided to take a breather and order a glass of water from the bar. There was only one seat left between a woman who probably couldn't even remember her name and a man who looked like he didn't know how to express any em
Honest [ Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader ]
“Kuroo, I know it’s Saturday, but you’ve gotta pick up the slack here,” encouraged your fellow manager, Yamamoto Manatsu. “You, too, Haiba!”
Kuroo halfheartedly served a ball over the net and watched it barely fall over to the other side. “Maybe if I got a kiss from (Name), I’d be a bit more energetic.”
You froze at the sound of your name and the whistles that accompanied it, and shot death glares at the dark haired male.
Recently, your long time crush, Kuroo Tetsurou, had confessed to you at the most randomest of times. It was just a random day of the week and you were on your way home when you were suddenly stopped by the volleyball captain. In front of a crowd of other students, he told you his feelings and asked you to go out with him. Of course, you were beyond elated, but you had a tendency to say all the wrong things at the wrong times and ended up rejecting him instead. And when you thought all hopes of ever dating him were

*Tells you all I'm writing a fic* 

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