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Tot | They/Them | Jan. 17 | Phlegmatic/Sanguine | INFP/INTP

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Hey there! Welcome to my page!
I'm not sure if this is your first time here or not but allow me to give you a brief introduction of myself! First and foremost, my name- Tot. I'm both a writer and an artist and though I have a lot of room for improvement, I hold both of these close to my heart. My goal in writing is to hopefully inspire some to be able to do what they love, just like how some people have done to me! I do hope you like my works! Feel free to talk to me whenever! I really love conversing with people and making new friends! I may be a bit awkward at first but that's due to me being a somewhat shy and introverted person, but I love to talk to people, so shoot me a message!

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Tumblr || AO3

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♥ The cool crew: ♥

Wife: Spandix
The Rei to my Nagisa: TubbyTuna
The Levi to my Eren: sleepingserenity9
Rad people: TheCobaltAssassin | p4u2 | indi-dere

Inspirations as well as friends:
unraveledtruth | Katsuhana | what-the-honk | postie-toastie | Greystream | espressocakes | Misaki-Botchan | icyfalls Attackonfanfiction | hanabi-ko | ItsNotAPickupLine | CaptainKogami | sorrynotsorrycupcake | TheNobodyofaSOLDIER KeiHoshi | CelestialTrashPrince | HabbyRabbit | jungyungae | paintmepastelblue | ravingglory | m-mikasa | sodaselkie bara-lord | LadyNecrotic | Yasmochi | cosmicaquarium | Macaronz | VersicolorQuasar
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-[ Please do yourself a favor and read these lovely pieces of literature]-
ascension | sawamura daichi
sawamura daichi x f!reader
death parade au
warning: none (for once oh my god)
and as she feels the force of gravity pushing down on her heavy head, she takes some time to think
He stands by the elevator, face blank. She stands in the elevator, face downwards. He does not bid her farewell and wish her a safe journey as he does the others, he does not thank her for her time there. He does not bow or shake her hand. She is not by his side, sending guests off as she normally would, because she can't say goodbye to herself, or maybe she can. She can say goodbye to this self because the next self is not going to be the same.
The next self does not know yet how delicious Daichi's drink mixes are. The next self does not know how beautiful Daichi's eyes looked like when he turned human for just a moment. 
The next self will not love him like she loves him.
The next self will come and go from Sedai and she will not recognize him. She will not offer to help him clean the dishes, she
sweet pea. | oikawa
.{ Vignette }.
    Frail fingers gently thread themselves through loose brown locks, getting tangling and more tangled as they played. Boyish features, as they lie asleep on thin blankets, remain soft and gentle -- at peace. Thick lips, rosey in colour, let at small yet prolonged breaths. It is tender in nature, the rest of his napping figure withal. Only few times in your life have you seen this view; this view of a sleeping Oikawa at your side. 
    You thought of the many girls that would kill to be in this situation. You, wafting in and out of sleep, lying on Tooru's couch, with your body sinking into its fluffy pillows. With his arm draped over your torso, Oikawa rests his head against your upper chest. The tops of his fluffy hair tickles your nose lightly with each subtle inhale and exhale. The scent of his shampoo seemingly growing weaker and weaker as time progresses, your senses becoming accustom to it.&

Treasure [Soulmate!AU] [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader]
Soulmate!AU where an arrow on your wrist acts like a compass pointing towards your soulmate
 A/N: Reader is part of karasuno girls’ volleyball team
Spring Tournament was fast approaching, the number of days slowly decreasing whilst practices persisted on. If anything, everyone in Karasuno’s Volleyball Club was working harder than ever, striving to improve – aiming to be the team that emerges victorious. The pressure of the competition was not only weighing down on the students, but also on Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei.
Thus, with a week left till the competition, another practice session with Nekoma was to be held.
The other team was due to arrive soon, and the preparations for a whole day of training was finally complete, giving you a moment to sit down to catch your breath. The day had barely begun, the sun only just making its appearance in the sky.
As you watched the boys doing drills to warm-up, you had

- ♡ -


[Strums a guitar]
Will I ever write again?

Shoot me with some ideas. I'm itching with the want to write again.

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